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Gill & Bateman

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Friday Aug 13 @ 5:30 pm 7:00 pm

$20 – $25 Seniors & Students / Adults
561 Danforth Road
Wellington, ON K0K 3L0 Canada
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Pianist Tania Gill and Bassist Victor Bateman are pairing up for this concert for an evening of Duke Ellington as well as some Ellington-influenced material. Inspired by the piano and bass duets Ellington recorded with bassist Jimmy Blanton in 1940, this concert re-imagines Ellington’s hugely influential compositions.

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Tania Gill (Photo: Jeremy Mimnagh)

Acclaimed composer and pianist Tania Gill is a key figure in the Toronto scenes of jazz and creative music. She’s performed and recorded with many diverse world-class artists, including Deep Dark United, Charles Spearin’s The Happiness Project, Andrew Downing, The Flying Bulgars, Mary Margaret O’Hara and Anthony Braxton. Her long-awaited 2010 debut recording, Bolger Station (Barnyard Records) was ‘disc of the week’ and short-listed for ‘disc of the year’ by The Globe and Mail, and was nominated for ‘debut album of the year’ in The Village Voice jazz critics’ poll. Her Quartet includes top-flight collaborators, Jean Martin (drums), Clinton Ryder (bass) and Lina Allemano (trumpet). The music features free-spirited improvisation and compositions that are by turns playful, fiery and serene. The Tania Gill Quartet is a consummate contemporary jazz group that plays with intelligence, passion and grace.

“Pianist/composer Tania Gill understands the understated power of lyricism… There’s evidence of Gill having drunk deeply at the double well of the Bleys (composer Carla and pianist Paul): in motifs, harmonic concepts, pianism and pauses….”

Exclaim Magazine

“If you met Tania Gill’s Bolger Station at a party, you’d quickly decide to hang out with it for the rest of the evening. It’s different, after all. A little eccentric, unpredictable. In the best way.”


“Gill’s spiky, sparse piano was most successful in channelling the eccentric spirit of the masterful Monk”

Toronto Star
Victor Bateman

Victor Bateman is a bassist, vocalist, composer, and improviser. For almost four decades, he has regularly played country, bluegrass, blues, jazz, and improvised music and occasionally pop, rock and classical music. He has recorded and performed with The Good Brothers, Sylvia Tyson, Quartette, Amos Garrett, Chris and Ken Whiteley, Jill Barber, The Flying Bulgars, and free-jazz icon Anthony Braxton, as well as writing music, leading bands and teaching guitar. He enjoys exploring the edges of the urban environment, as well as collecting and employing elegant psychic furnishings.