About Concerts

The inspiration for our BIGLAKE concerts came from hearing from local residents about their hunger for more activities during the winter season. Our very first concert was a pop-up event in February 2019, with an incredible lineup of artists from Hong Kong, Berlin, Quebec and Toronto. The room was packed and nearly every single person that attended was a local resident. From that moment on, we were committed to bringing events during the winter months, no amount of snow was going to deter us!

Our first official season 2019-2020 had 6 concerts, and was unfortunately cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the concerts were a wonderful success and we will bring more concerts as soon as possible. One future initiative is our series 6FT TOGETHER.


6FT TOGETHER is a concept that is inspired by artist Marina Abramovic and her performance of “The Artist is Present”. The COVID-19 pandemic has poignantly and perhaps even painfully reminded us that humans are innately social creatures with the need to connect with others. With quarantine and social distancing measures in place and the inability to hold performances with an audience, plus the overextended use of digital mediums, society is craving to find emotional and personal connections. After physical contact, eye contact is the next most intimate exchange humans can share, and through this simple act, a deep sense of connection can be created.

6FT TOGETHER provides a safe and distanced environment, where an individual can attend a private performance, feel deeply connected together through the power of eye contact with the performer, and be inspired by the powers of a live musical performance. Every 15 min performance will take place as follows:

  • The masked performer is seated in a clean and disinfected room
  • A single audience masked member enters, sits across the performer, 6 ft away
  • No words are exchanged, eye contact is made and held for a few minutes, length is at the discretion of the artist
  • Artist performs a short concert, the musical selection will be determined spontaneously, according to what emotional connection the artist senses 

We will have an array of performers, from different genres (classical, jazz, singer-songwriter, experimental) on a variety of instruments (string, piano, guitar). The performing artist and the exact location of 6FT TOGETHER will be disclosed to every individual closer to the date. With consent, the performance would be video-recorded.